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2 Guys RV Education has presented at many venues including RV Shows, Dealer Sponsored Events, Lifestyle Events, Club Rallies, etc. The feedback has been extremely positive from attendees and event management, from first timers to full-timers and everyone in between.

All of these seminars can be customized for specific events, in content and length from 20 minutes to 2 hours. These seminars are targeted at the DIYer (do-it-yourself) as well as those RVers that prefer to have their RV dealer do all the work. Each attendee will get the simple troubleshooting roadmap and terminology to describe their problem to an expert thus shortening the time to repair and saving money.

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New seminars are always a work-in-process as additional needs are identified and appropriate research is completed. So check with us if you do not see a seminar on your specific topic of interest.

We also participate in technical or round table forums and Town Hall style question and answer sessions as we speak on a variety of RV related subjects as outlined in our seminar offering.


RV Education Seminars

All About RV Plumbing
Simple problems with your water system can ruin your much anticipated holiday. Knowledge of your RV plumbing will ensure a safe and enjoyable RV experience. This session covers the entire water system from incoming to outgoing and everything in between. Learn tips to address common problems such as leaks, annoying squeaks, Low pressure, sensors not working as well as how to perform simple maintenance. This is a must attend session for the DIY RVer, presented in simple, understandable language.
Customizing Your RV - Get More from RVing
This seminar assists you in taking your lifestyle with you when RVing. It includes practical modifications/enhancements that can add fun and reduce stress no matter your camping choice - full hookup or dry camping. It introduces some common modifications that most DIY'ers can do or have a professional do it for you. We speak from experience as we have done all of these ourselves.
Exploring Alaska
This seminar is ideal for RVers interested in RVing up Northern Canada and Alaska. It covers famous Top of the World Highway, Richardson Highway, Glen Highway, and cities like Fairbanks, Denali, Kenai Peninsula, Homer, Anchorage, Skagway, Valdez, Hyder and Haines. If you like open country, amazing vistas, fishing, first nation's culture, wildlife and enjoying the outdoors like no other, this session will provide valuable insight in prepping your RV and tow vehicle, trip routing, interesting places to visit and what to expect and addresses common myths. The journey to Alaska is as interesting as the destination.
Going Green In Your RV
Looking for innovative, environmentally friendly ways to use your RV? Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying all the versatility your RV has to offer.
Introduction to RVing
You would like to get into RVing but don't know where to start or are you new to RVing? There is an RV to fit every want and need. This session covers the basics from the types of RVs, their benefits and selecting the right RV to meet your lifestyle - whether you are a weekender, vacationer, boondocking, full timing or somewhere in between.
Managing Your Tanks - Preparation & Maintenance Tips
Sanidumps.com is a comprehensive directory website helping RVers find dump station locations to empty their gray water & black holding tanks, When RVs have to go...™ Seminars by 2 Guys RV Education helps RVers avoid costly mistakes when managing their tanks by providing practical tips that make RVing safe and environmentally friendly.
Parking Your RV and Road Tips
This seminar focuses on 3 important parts of driving an RV - regulations, driving on the road tips and simple tricks to make backing an RV easier and avoid all fellow RVers watch and listen as you back up at a campground. Seminar covers hand signaling, proper positioning and easy to understand communication between the spotter and the driver. It is a team effort.
RV Appliance Maintenance I (Fridge and Stove)
If ever had the food spoilage or burners not lighting and don't know what to look for. This session will help you to identify things you should know about your fridge and range/stove. It covers potential problems and has tips to resolve them when you are far away from any assistance. If your appliance should fail, there are also things you can do to assist the technician in resolving the problem quickly.
RV Appliance Maintenance II (Water Heater and Furnace)
Have you had your water heater squeak or the furnace just blowing cold air on a cool fall day? Then join us as this session identifies things you should know about your water heater and furnace. It will help you in addressing potential problems and has tips to resolve them whether you are a DIY'er or someone who takes your RV to a dealer. Either way you will save money and time.
RV Checklists 101
When RVing, there is always a lot to do from preparing the RV to stocking the RV to meal planning and so on. There is nothing worse than forgetting a step while parking the RV or missing that fishing rod or steak for that special dinner. This session will direct you in finding good checklists. It's a great starting point for developing your own checklists that will make your RVing experience fun, safe and memorable.
RV Fall & Winter Preparation & Maintenance Tips
Taking proper precautions can avoid many water leaks encountered in camping freezing temperatures as well as winter storage. The seminar covers useful habits and correct DIY procedures to prepare your RV tanks for fall camping and steps to winterize your RV for trouble free operation next season. It also gives tips on winter camping. This is an ideal time to check out all the plumbing, water systems and exterior of the RV and to perform preventive maintenance if required.
RV Propane System
This session will provide safety related information regarding the handling and use of propane systems in your RV. It covers all the components, how they work, their life expectancy and information that everyone needs to ensure the safety of themselves and others. It's critical fuel used for cooking, heating your water and keeping you warm on those cool days.
RV Safety
This seminar highlights safety issues related to RVing from getting your RV ready, the pre-trip inspection, road safety and preparing for any road emergencies to safety at the campground. It will cover personal safety, RV and tow vehicle safety as well as protecting the environment.
RV Spring & Summer Preparation & Maintenance Tips
This session gets RVers started with the proper basic dumping procedures, right plumbing accessories, environmentally friendly tank treatments and general tank maintenance tips for trouble free operation. Also presented are DIY procedures on summerizing and sanitizing your tanks for a safe and trouble free RV experience. In addition, it covers finding dump stations anywhere in North America before your start your trip or while traveling.
Solar 101 - Solar Power Systems and Inverters for Your RV
Is power a mystery to you? Do you dry camp, "Wal-Mart" on your travels? Do you like to enjoy watching TV or making the fine cup of cappuccino or using you hair dryer when there is no shore power? This session covers the basics of solar energy and how it enhances your RV experience. Topics include understanding solar charging, system installation and maintenance, battery basics and the importance of healthy batteries. In addition to solar, this brief and informative session will showcase the benefits of on-board inverters and how to size your system.
Tank Treatments: What you don't know can hurt you
What treatment is the right one for me? Are they environmentally safe for RVs, septic systems and sewage treatment plants? What about home brew treatments that get passed on at the campgrounds? This seminar will break down the myths and "green labeled" mumbo jumbo. It will show you how to read the labels and tell you what they mean. Please bring your tank treatment with you to the seminar.
What to Look for in Tires
Tires are the only thing that connects your RV to the road. Understanding all about tires, selecting the right tires for your use and proper maintenance can avoid many mishaps for you and others on the road. Do you know what to do in a tire blowout situation? This seminar covers all that and more.
What to look for When Buying an RV?
Do you want to drive your RV, or tow it? Or you want to drive long distances, or set up at a campsite? Do you travel alone, or do you want to have room for family and friends? Hear all the things you need to consider, so you can find the perfect RV for you and your needs.
Weights, Weights and more Weights
Statistics show that over 50% of RVs exceed one of the weights of their Class A, 5th wheel, Travel Trailer or Tow Vehicle. Today's RVs are much heavier, longer and have minimum safety tolerance to keep cost down. Yes, the trucks are getting beefier but are they keeping up? Exceeding weights causes unsafe driving conditions that can jeopardize your safety on the road. It is considered a traffic offence and police are clamping down. How many times have you heard "No problem your truck can pull that (heavy) trailer or 5th wheel when you go shopping". Is that really true? This seminar will inform you of what weights are critical, why, how to stay safe and legal. This is a must seminar for new buyers, owners of new RVs, older tow vehicles (gas or diesel), or safety conscious RVers.
The following weight reference links are shown in the Weights, Weights and more Weights seminar.

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2 Guys RV Education helps RVers avoid costly mistakes by providing practical tips and education that make RVing safe and environmentally friendly.

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